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Bad Ice Cream 4

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Bad Ice Cream 4 is an activity based game. The player will control the character that resembles a frozen yogurt. The point of the game is to gather the greater part of the natural product in every level before the clock runs out. It is not as simple as it sounds however as their enemies in every level are guarding the natural product. As you finish more levels in Bad Ice Cream 4, you will experience enemies that can likewise make and break ice trying to get you. You should utilize your skill and knowledge to discover methods for evading them to get to the natural product rapidly. You will be required to improve as a player as you progress through more levels as with every level you finish, you will confront more troublesome enemies and significantly more natural product to overcome.

You can play with up to 4 of your companions on Bad Ice Cream 4. Every player will have their controls on the console. Player 1’s controls are the “Bolt Keys” to move about and “Space Bar” to break or make ice. The second player’s controls are “W, A, S, D” to move, and the “F” key is to make and break the ice. The third player needs to press the “U” key on the screen where the character determination starts. Once activated, their controls are “I, J, K, I” keys to move and the “U” key is to make ice or break it. Player 4 can be activated by squeezing the number “1”. To move, press the numbers “4, 6, 8, 5” with number “1” to make and break the ice.

Tips for playing Bad Ice Cream 4

The best tip I can provide for gamers is to have a fast output of the entire level as this will help you to construct a strategy on where to move to and at what time to do as such. Likewise, watch out for the clock as you don’t have long to finish the level. I suggest playing the game on the desktop as this is the gadget that the awful frozen yogurt game was worked for.

Why you ought to play this game

Bad Ice Cream 4 is an excellent game. The game is basically a riddle game as your goal in every level is to locate an effective strategy that permits you to gather the greater part of the organic product without being gotten by the enemies. Bad Ice Cream 4 is one of those games that has a straightforward goal, yet is exceptionally testing and addictive in the meantime.

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